Idealliance and RH Rosen Associates have partnered to create The CEO Roundtable. The series of quarterly, one-day events take place in Chicago and bring together a select group of forward thinking CEOs from around the United States. The CEO Roundtable is not a peer group, but rather an educational program that provides a framework to hold business leaders accountable to their core objectives.
At The CEO Roundtable, we’ll explore ways of:

  • Making money from your existing business while you’re building a new model for the future
  • Building new kinds of sales while fighting to keep your existing customers
  • Seeing what top-performing companies are doing to position themselves for success
  • Rethinking your role as CEO – to spend more time on things that make the biggest difference in your company’s success
  • Identifying tasks you can delegate or eliminate – to give you time for more effective leadership
  • Being more competitive and more profitable at the same time
If you’re in the process of transforming your company, The CEO Roundtable is your opportunity to do some transforming yourself – helping you build a successful future by being the CEO your company needs.

What skills do you need to lead your business to success? What habits do you need to form? How will you interact with your team and your customers in new ways?

Explore The CEO Roundtable format and content. We’ve designed it to give you productive time away from the endless demands of your business and vital insights for moving your company forward. Learn about our facilitators, Ken Garner and Bob Rosen, and their long experience in advising hundreds of industry-leading businesses. Get information on dates and registration to be part of this important program.

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CEO Roundtable
CEO Roundtable
CEO Roundtable

The program is $5,000 per year, with a one-year paid commitment required before the first Roundtable. Sessions run from 8:30 am to 4:00 pm. The cost includes four quarterly meetings and monthly virtual office hours with the facilitators. All members have access to a unique interactive tool for asking questions and exchanging ideas among themselves and with the Roundtable’s moderators.
Member price: 5,000.00
You could save: 23.1%
Roundtable facilitators Ken Garner and Bob Rosen are available to answer any questions you may have about the structure, content, and value of The CEO Roundtable. Contact Ken at (703) 837-1065 or Bob at (917) 863-5302 by phone. Or e-mail Ken at or Bob at


Hear from Timothy Boucher of B Squared
on why he enrolled in the program and
what he has learned.


Ken Garner
(703) 837-1065

Bob Rosen
(917) 863-5302