Curve4™ is available in three licensed levels, each including the functionality of the previous levels;

Information Sheet
The world’s first dedicated compliance testing tool for the Idealliance G7® Master program.

  • Measure a test print or proof with a variety of automated spectrophotometers.
  • Verify Pass/Fail status of a printing system for “G7 Grayscale”, “G7 Targeted” or “G7 Colorspace”.
  • Verify Pass/Fail status of individual proofs using standard ISO 12647-7 control strips.
  • Export measured data for G7 Master submission or use in other programs.
Curve4 CALIBRATE includes all of the capabilities of Curve4 VERIFY, and adds the ability to ...

  • Calibrate any stable and repeatable printing system to G7.
  • Use smaller P2P targets for faster calibration.
  • Calibrate by the TVI method to ISO-standard or custom TVI curves.
  • Calibrate “spot color” inks using the new SCTV method.
  • Calculate ink restriction settings for ink-jet printing systems.

Curve4 COMPLETE Includes all of the capabilities of Curve4 VERIFY and Curve4 CALIBRATE, and adds the ability to ...

  • Quickly re-calibrate with a small ?reCal target.
  • Eliminate the cost of a second press run.
  • Post-calibrate characterization data for virtually-perfect G7-compliant profiles.
  • Reduce the effects of uneven printing in characterization data.
  • Average characterization data from multiple prints and/or mixed target types.
  • Adjust the white point of characterization data by the SCCA method.
  • Adjust the black point of characterization data to improve profiles of uncoated or matte stock.
  • Generate new targets from an initial target, e.g. export an IT8.7/4 data set from a TC1617.


For additional information, contact Idealliance at or 703-837-1070.