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Health and Safety Measures for All Attendees and Exhibitors
The PRINTING United Expo venue, OCCC, is the first venue to announce that all full-time, part-time and temporary OCCC employees are required to be fully vaccinated, unless otherwise exempt due to medical, religious or covered reason by September 30, 2021.

The following health and safety measures will be in place for PRINTING United Expo at this point in time. Keep in mind, as this is a fluid situation, all health and safety information may be updated at any time leading up to the event:

  1. For the safety of all, masks will be required inside the building during all public events run/sponsored by PRINTING United Expo. For more details on this policy and its application, please click here.
  1. In addition to OCCC staff, all PRINTING United Expo employees at the event will be fully vaccinated by the start of the event.
  2. We strongly recommend those planning to attend/exhibit at the Expo please be fully vaccinated. While we respect everyone’s personal choice in this matter, and we will not ask for proof of vaccination, for your safety and the safety of all, we prefer you please not attend if you are unvaccinated.
  3. We ask that if you aren’t feeling well to please remain home.
  4. Sanitization stations will be available throughout the venue.
  5. Frequent handwashing is encouraged.
  6. Social distancing is also encouraged whenever possible.


We are all aware of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the heightened risk associated with attending live, in-person events in enclosed spaces. In order to keep you as safe as reasonably possible during this indoor event, we will follow all published federal, state and local regulations and guidelines which are in effect at the time this event takes place but, despite taking all recommended precautions, it will not be possible for us to eliminate your risk of being exposed to or contracting the virus that causes COVID-19.

When attending our event, you will be required to comply with all applicable posted safety rules and regulations in effect at the time of the event, which may include wearing a mask at all times while on site, socially distancing, and washing your hands and using hand sanitizer as frequently as is reasonably possible. Anyone determined by our staff to be violating applicable safety rules and regulations, and who fails to comply, will be required to leave the event, with no recourse for lost revenue or reimbursement for fees or expenses of any nature paid or incurred to attend, exhibit during, or sponsor the event.

By choosing to attend this live, in-person event, you are knowingly and voluntarily agreeing to assume the associated risks, and you are hereby agreeing to release PRINTING United Alliance and NAPCO Media from all liability on behalf of yourself, your employees, your contractors/agents, and your guests/invitees, related to COVID-19 or any similar or related contagious disease.