This course is highly recommended for business owners, managers, supervisors and human resource personnel who are involved with any part of the hiring process. Whether you are new or a veteran at hiring, you will find valuable and up-to-date information that you can use immediately.


  • —Engaging online video learning. Lessons average 12 minutes and total course time is 2½ hours.—
  • A proven and disciplined process to hire right the first time.—
  • Forms and guidelines that can be customized to your company's branding.—
  • Professional certification and inclusion in the Idealliance Directory of Certified Experts, with an 80% passing proficiency.


  1. Define the Job
  2. Define the Person for the Position
  3. Recruit
  4. Prescreen
  5. Employment Application
  6. Testing
  7. Structured Interview
  8. Reference Check
  9. Hiring Decision
  10. Make the Offer
  11. Final Checks
  12. Certification Test



Debra Thompson, President of TG & Associates, is an internationally recognized consultant, speaker, and author of five books. All of Debra's career has been in the graphic communications industry, from a General Manager of a commercial/digital printing company for eight years, owner/operator of her own printing company for 17 years and a consultant/speaker for the last 16 years. TG & Associates specializes in the human side of business by providing HR support and products for businesses in the graphic communications and media industry..