Postal Focus Member-Exclusive Webinar Series

Postal Focus Member-Exclusive Webinar Series
Postal Focus Member-Exclusive Webinar Series 

Quarterly programs featuring frontline mail experts offering information and insights on all things postal.

Postal Focus: Mid-Summer 2018

July 26, 2018

4:00 PM - 5:00 PM (EDT) 
Format: Webinar

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Idealliance Mail & Postal Spotlight Mid-Summer 2018
Inside scoop on the latest developments in mail preparation and entry.
Information to keep up-to-speed on fast-moving mail and postal changes.
Interactive opportunity to ask questions and resolve USPS problems.
The Idealliance Mail & Postal Spotlight webinar series features information and insights from experts in the mail supply chain—knowledgeable pros who are in the trenches with the U.S. Postal Service every day and are leaders with MTAC, Idealliance Working Groups, and other industry groups.
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Mid-Summer 2018 Webinar Experts 

  • Steve Colella, Vice President, Postal Affairs, The Calmark Group; Idealliance MTAC Representative; Idealliance Postal Operations & Technologies Council Co-Chair.
  • Tom Glassman, Director of Data Services & Postal Affairs, Wilen Direct; Chair of the Idealliance Postal Education Working Group; MTAC Representative.
  • Paula Stoskopf, Marketing & Industry Affairs, LSC Communications; Idealliance Postal Operations & Technologies Council Co-Chair; Electronic Communications Working Group.

Plus get your questions and applications ready…20-minute Open Forum where you can ask your mail-related questions and provide feedback and insights

And don’t forget four ways we keep you informed, up-to-date—and engaged:

  1. Join a Working Group – Idealliance has nine active groups working cooperatively with the USPS on a range of initiatives and advancing your mail supply chain.
  2. Monthly—the Idealliance Postal Highlights electronic newsletter for up-to-the minute developments!
  3. Quarterly—the MTAC Executive Summary by Idealliance, a convenient one-stop source for all the developments at MTAC two-day meetings, distributed no more than five days after an MTAC meeting.
  4. 24/7—the Idealliance Mail & Postal Forum—an easy-to-use listserv exclusively for members to ask a question or request information.

If you don’t have access to any of these resources or want more information on participating, contact Donna Komlo at or (703) 837-1060.

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7/26/2018 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM
Online registration not available.