G7 Training - Bogotá, Colombia - Quad Graphics

G7 Training - Bogotá, Colombia - Quad Graphics

Idealliance and Quad Graphics have partnered to offer G7 Training and Certification at the Quad Graphics facility in Bogotá, Colombia, August 14-16, 2018. Led by Javier Robles, G7 Expert Trainer, participants will take part in an intensive, hands-on training session featuring live practical demonstration utilizing G7 in both prepress and press environments, including calibration for proofing and print production, color management, quality and process control with the G7 methodology. This training, conducted in Spanish, will give participants the required expertise in color theory, the G7 methodology, and print optimization to achieve G7 certification. As G7 Experts and G7 Professionals, these individuals will be certified by Idealliance as proven leaders in print production and global standards to align all proof and print applications regardless of process, ink, or substrate. G7 Experts and Professionals are also committed to reducing costs, speeding product to market, and improving and maintaining their client’s brand image and print production requirements.

Questions or to register, please contact:
Mariana Sierra
Managing Director

Idealliance Mexico
+52 (55) 4163-6573

G7 Expert Trainer

Javier Robles

INX International Ink Co.

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*Schedule subject to change. Course content and order may be altered.

8/14/2018 - 8/16/2018
Online registration not available.