BrandQ® Webinar: Scorecards: Tolerances and Quality

BrandQ® Webinar: Scorecards: Tolerances and Quality
BrandQ® Webinar Series: Scorecards: Tolerances and Quality Requirements with Brands and Suppliers
BrandQ® Webinar Series - Scorecards: Tolerances & Quality Requirements with Brands & Suppliers


BrandQ® Webinar Series


Scorecards: Tolerances and Quality Requirements with Brands and Suppliers


Monday, September 23, 2019

1:30 p.m. - 2:30 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)


Almost all brands have very high expectations and tight quality requirements, all of which vary greatly across the packaging and printing supply chain with a myriad of metrics. Suppliers often struggle to meet these requirements as they are written and are hesitant to alert brands, ask questions, get clarification, or discuss quality requirements and ways of crossing this divide through other metrics and means. At times, brands do not know when they are asking for something that cannot be done or that the print quality requirements perhaps fall outside of an international standard or achievable scope and capability. In this webinar we examine these scenarios both from the brand side and the supplier side, as well as communicating challenging requirements based on scope, machine capability and standards and how brands and suppliers can build a bilateral partnership that produces exceptional output as well as increases in profitability, reducing cost for everyone and greatly opening up the communication channel.


In this webinar we will cover:

  • Case studies of excellent and unrealistic print quality requirement communication between brands and the supply chain.
  • Guidelines for how to communicate brand requirements and supplier capability.
  • Examples of tight tolerances and when they should and should not be applied.
  • Three examples of scorecards and how they can be prioritized for brand quality requirements.


  • Ron Ellis, Brand Expert and Chair of the Idealliance Print Properties & Colorimetric Council
  • Timothy Baechle, CEO, Idealliance


  • TBA


This webinar is part of the Idealliance BrandQ® webinar series. BrandQ is about communication, education, and validation.


About BrandQ®


BrandQ enables communication between brand owners and suppliers, so it is clear on brand owner’s expectations, evaluation methodology, aims and tolerances, and validation process. BrandQ assesses key aspects such as process capability, performance, process control, color management, ISO Standards implementation, proof and press alignment, spot color rendering, pre-media capabilities, G7 calibration, and detailed reporting and analysis to align the packaging supply chain.


BrandQ certification assures a high level of quality and performance and leads to overall operational efficiency, process control, measurement controls, and data that can be shared between print service provider and brands, brand owners and print buyers. This communication protocol creates a wonderful partnership for job specification exchange, regardless of language and regardless of location in the world.




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9/23/2019 1:30 PM - 2:30 PM

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