G7 Training LIVE At EFI Connect - Las Vegas, NV

G7 Training LIVE At EFI Connect -  Las Vegas, NV
As part of the EFI Connect User's Conference, EFI and Idealliance will hold a two day accelerated G7® Expert/Professional training January 19-20, 2022 in Las Vegas, NV. Training is open to all registrants. Registration also includes EFI Connect registration. See additional details for EFI Connect on the registration page. Participants will gain the phenomenally deep expertise in color theory, the G7 methodology, ISO standards, process control and press/proof alignment to achieve G7 certification in order to meet color consistency, tolerance requirements and process control, and extraordinary repeat-ability of quality for brands and print buyers of those they serve.



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  • G7 Expert or G7 Professional (includes EFI Connect registration)
    • Idealliance Members & Nonmembers $2,800.00 (price includes EFI Connect registration)
    • Use code G7-2800-G7 with registration. (Required during registration on EFI Connect site)



About G7 Expert Live In-Person Certification & Training

Training consists of a variety of components, including shared slides, video, whiteboard illustrations of critical concepts, live press runs and print calibrations & simulations, and hands-on analysis. Leading print technology featured at EFI Connect will also be available during training for live demonstration supported by leading print technology partners. Students are welcome to bring their color management tools such as spectrophotometers, and spectrodensitometers to perform print analysis during the hands-on training as well.

This unique G7® Expert & Professional training event will run in conjunction with EFI Connect, the annual EFI Worldwide Users' Conference in Las Vegas, NV. 
During EFI Connect, attendees will participate in specialized G7 Training focusing on the methodology, practical experience, and EFI specific applications of G7, while actively engaging with other EFI users from around the globe.  Registration also includes access to EFI Connect.


Training Schedule

G7 Training LIVE! In-Person Agenda

  1. Wednesday January 19, 2022: 9:30am - 5:00pm
  2. Thursday January 20, 2022: 8:15am - 5:00pm

    Live Training Info

    G7 Expert Certification LIVE In-Person training is specially designed to incorporate the latest print technology, software and tools to demonstrate G7 implementation, process control, and real-world troubleshooting . This interactive training takes place over 2 consecutive days as part of the EFI Connect User Experience. Registration for training, also includes free registration for EFI Connect keynote addresses, receptions, education sessions, food and beverage service from January 17-January 21, 2022.


    Registration Options

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    • G7 Expert or G7 Professional
      • Idealliance Members & Nonmembers $2,800.00
      • Use code G7-2800-G7 with registration. 


    Learning to Help You Prepare

    When you sign up, you will receive advanced access to Idealliance's Color Management Professional® Fundamentals Online training as an optional prerequisite. This training is designed to provide a strong foundation of color management, color theory, and the required background necessary for successful completion of G7 training & certification. This course is provided complimentary with registration, and access is available for one year as well for continued learning & review to support your journey as a G7 Expert. Register early to take advantage of this before your G7 training. Your G7 training will also include extensive downloadable production resource materials such as G7 test forms to help you learn and implement G7 in your facility to obtain G7 Master qualification. You will also receive access to the extensive online training library to support your continued growth as a G7 Expert. Certified G7 Experts & Professionals also gain access to the global G7 Expert community to continue to support their training, and growth in G7 based process control and color management. Collaborate with other leading G7 Experts & Professional from around the world at Connnect.idealliance.org. 

    Seats are limited. Register Now

    Seats are limited to ensure direct support by Idealliance's certified G7 Expert trainer & technical staff. Register now to reserve your seat at this exclusive training event for global leaders in color management and the leading G7 methodology.

    G7 Expert Trainer

    Chuck Schonert
    Idealliance Director of Research and Development

    Location & Travel Information

    Registration for EFI Connect 2022 is included with this training registration
    At EFI Connect 2022
    The Wynn
    3131 Las Vegas Blvd S
    Las Vegas, NV 89109
    EFI Connect Info & Resources & Travel Information
    G7 Training Occurs January 19-20 during EFI Connect
    EFI Connect 2022 At-A-Glance Schedule

    Additional G7 Program Information

    G7 Certification Program Overview 
    Why Print Providers Choose G7
    G7 for Brands, Buyers & Creatives  

    Questions? Please contact:
    Jordan Gorski
    Executive Director, Idealliance
    +1 (703) 837-1096
    or submit this form to express your interest in learning more about G7.

    *Schedule subject to change. Course content and order may be altered. Cancellations are not available for this event. Please see full Terms & Conditions here

    1/19/2022 - 1/20/2022
    The Wynn 3131 S Las Vegas Blvd Las Vegas UNITED STATES
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