T-Reference Card
T-Reference Card
T-Ref is a printed Standard Reference Material (SRM) for agencies, printers, publishers, separators ...anyone who wants to control color reproduction quality! T-Ref consists of a printed sample of white, yellow, cyan, magenta, and black circular SWOP ink patches, with readings calibrated to the ANSI Status "T" response, and with calibration traceable to National Institute of Science and Technology primary references.

Measure the color patches on your wide-band Status "T" densitometer and compare the readings against T-Ref's calibrated values. If they don't match, you should review the results with densitometer's manufacturer for possible re-calibration. By using the T-Ref you will be assured that your densitometer is reading as accurately as possible and can determine inter-instrument agreement within your plant or between companies.

T-Ref was re-modeled to be the first reference material to comply with CGATS.11 and is an essential component of any ISO9000 program. Both T-RefTM and Enhanced T-RefTM consist of a laminated card packaged in a protective folder.
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