Lab Reference Card
Lab Reference Card
Lab Ref is designed to allow colorimeter, spectrophotometer, and hybrid color measurement device users to verify that their equipment can measure colors accurately in terms of CIE specified values. Subtle differences in the design, calibration, and operation of this equipment can lead to different units yielding different colorimetric values, even when measuring the same sample. In turn, the difference in these values can create uncertainty about the accuracy of any one unit as well as confusion in the communication of CIE data.

As the industry's objective third-party L*, a*, b* reference, Lab Ref eliminates confusion and allows confident exchange of CIE data from all pieces of equipment verified with it. Available in 6mm (shown) and 36mm spot sizes. Targets include paper white, black, primary colors (cyan, magenta, and yellow), secondary colors (process red, process green, process blue), tertiary colors (three-color gray), and selected other hues (brown, purple and pastel) from different regions of the reproducible color gamut in order to provide a rigorous check of a color measurement device's capabilities.

Printed on 80 pound Carolina C1S free sheet stock. Rigorous analysis of this sheet reveals no fluorescence of significance. Printed with inks measured as being in conformance with Specifications for Web Offset Publications (SWOP). As specified in ANSI/ISO standards, each Lab-Ref is under printed with a black backing of not less than 1.30 density. Laminated for protection with a material that is transparent and has very little near-ultraviolet absorption.
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