ECG Beta Dataset
ECG Beta Dataset
This download includes the beta Idealliance ECG profile created by the Idealliance Print Properties Committee working group.

Idealliance, along with its industry-shaping working group – Print Properties Committee, are proud to announce the release of the beta Expanded Color Gamut Characterization Dataset. Built from years of profiling and testing, and with input from experts across printing, packaging, commercial print, and other graphic applications, the ECG project initially launched in 2018 to first create a 7-color characterization target for use in print characterization of CMYK, plus Orange, Green, and Violet (OGV) print applications. The 7-color test chart was released in 2020 and is now used extensively around the world in 7-color print applications where color characterization, calibration, and process control are required for stable, leading 7-color print.

The characterization dataset also includes guidelines for implementation and press confirmation and the characterization target. The Print Properties Committee is requesting feedback as it advances toward a final publication of the profile and release.

This profile was built to the Current, ICC Version 4, specifications.