Idealliance ECG Characterization Test Target Project Kit
Idealliance ECG Characterization Test Target Project Kit
The Idealliance ECG program is working to create an industry standard test chart, methods and procedures for calibrating, and a sample target characterization data set for ECG (Expanded Color Gamut) printing.

In the first phase of the program, the objective is to create a standard characterization data set for use with a set white point using CMYKOGV printing inks. This is not limited to a specific print technology, but we are certain and hoping to capture data from offset, flexo, inkjet, gravure, and other seven-color capable print technology in order to create standard characterization data set(s) representative of all print technology as well.

This is only the first step/phase in the program, which will also lead to other substrates, substrate data collection and also the ability to adapt data for various substrates. ECG (CMYKOGV) is an opportunity for all print markets and collection of data representative of all print technology is welcome.

The Idealliance ECG Characterization Test Project Kit includes the following:
• A 7-color test target which contains a scalable number of patches, ranging from a single page, up to 4 pages. Most users should be able to achieve acceptable results using the one- or two-page target.
• A new 7-color press form including the 7-color test target, as well as additional elements including SCTV and CXF ramps for additional channel (OGV) calibration.
• A 7-color proofing control strip, which can be used to verify 7 color proofing conditions. Both the test chart and the control strip contain multicolor PDF files, as well as measurement reference files.
• The kit also contains an updated guide to ECG calibration including recommended ink values, hues, screening information, and calibration methods using the tools elements available with this kit.

Please review the project guidelines prior to utilization of the target and submission.

Your support and contributions to global industry leading initiatives as part of Idealliance is greatly appreciated. This ECG Project Kit download is free of charge. Complete checkout to receive download instructions & the project kit.