ISO 12647-7 3 Row Control Wedge 2013 LAD
ISO 12647-7 3 Row Control Wedge 2013 LAD
This is the Large Aperture Device format of the ISO 12647-3 3 Row Control Wedge. The latest version of the Idealliance ISO 12647-7 Control Wedge 2013 includes a major overhaul from the original Idealliance ISO 12647-7 Digital Control Strip 2009. This is an enhanced and improved version including some of the original patches, new patches, and other patches with improved values. The wedge has 3 rows and 84 patches vs. the 2-row 54 patches in the original. The target is intended primarily as a control device for pre-press proofs but may also be used to control production printers or presses.

Primary Uses
• The target must pass through exactly the same imaging process as a live image, including RIP curves, color management, screening, etc.
• The target MUST be included on all proofs submitted for Idealliance Proofing System certification. Values measured from the target will be used as part of the Idealliance proofing system certification process.
• The target SHOULD be included on all production proofs and measured to confirm accuracy of every proof.

The Idealliance ISO 12647-7 3-Row Control Wedge is offered free and may be used by end users and incorporated into any commercial product or service, subject to the included terms and conditions.