Learn how to sell print successfully AND without lowering your price!

Increase and improve your sales in just three months.

Idealliance SalesPro Fundamentals is a leading 90-day interactive training and certification program designed by industry experts to help increase, improve and manage sales activity for graphic communication sales professionals.

Bill Farquharson
Idealliance SalesPro Fundamentals Creator and Instructor Bill Farquharson is a 35+ year graphic arts sales veteran. A different approach—the best approach to sales training.

What makes Idealliance SalesPro Fundamentals different than other sales programs is the innovative way of teaching and the use of trusted and proven methods. By combining video tutorials, engaging lessons, one-on-one coaching, monthly meet-ups, and reporting and sales tools, participants receive a more comprehensive learning experience. And they gain the knowledge and confidence to yield better leads and more appointments, which will result in higher profits.

Don’t lower your price—
up your sales pitch.

Our interactive training program will give you the skills and resources you need to find the best leads, secure appointments and close deals. All while focusing on having a better sales conversation, not a better price.

Whether you’re a print sales person or
a sales manager, Idealliance SalesPro
Fundamentals will help you:

  • Make high-value, well-researched cold calls

  • Learn what type of customers are right for you

  • Use a step-by-step prospecting process

  • Increase overall sales and efficiency

It won’t just increase
your sales—it will boost
your confidence.

After completing the program, participants have the opportunity to become an Idealliance Certified Sales Professional. All you have to do is pass the final exam. Certified Sales Professionals will are listed in Idealliance’s Official Directory of Certified Experts. This recognition alone will help bring more prospects into your company and gain loyal customers.

Video Tutorials

Learn from 12 interactive video tutorials,
available online and anytime.


Monthly Virtual Meet ups

Participate in monthly calls with a small
group of your peers to share challenges
and ideas.

Engaging Lessons

Reinforce each video tutorial and put your
knowledge to the test with weekly lessons.

Reporting Tools

Help increase sales by tracking your daily
goals and results with online reporting tools.

One-on-One Coaching

Receive two phone calls from your
instructor to further understanding and
set goals.

Three months of learning—a lifetime of education.

Idealliance SalesPro Fundamentals is a three-month learning program that will give you the boost you need and teach you a step-by-step process for growing your sales, improving your time management, and winning orders based on the best solution, not the lowest price.

You will learn:

  • Profitable Sales Philosophies and the Four Keys the Sales Success
  • Where to Look for the Best Prospects
  • Pre-Call Research: How to Gain Access To Decision-Makers
  • How to Create An Effective Prospecting Process
  • Effective Time Management
  • Conquering Voicemail
  • Overcoming Sales Objections
  • How to Handle The Screwup
  • Effective Sales Presentation Skills
  • Negotiate to Win
  • How to Close More Sales
  • Next Steps: How to Get to the Next Level

The more you learn—the more you save.

Register for Idealliance SalesPro Fundamentals before May 15 and save!

  Member Price Non-Member Price
1 Registrant $799 Until May 15
($999 after May 15)
$999 Until May 15
($1199 after May 15)
2-5 Registrants $799 (ea) $999 (ea)
6+Registrants $699 (ea) $899 (ea)


Bill Farquharson